Why exhibit?

Participate in the leading medical device and healthcare industry supply event.

Increase your brand exposure, attract more prospects and strengthen your relationship with the event's specialized attendees. 

We know that your main objective when participating in events is to meet more customers, which is why Expo Med this year has a hybrid format, where in-person and digital combine to create a powerful value proposition for you:


· Connect with the right buyers both on the show floor and on the digital platform.

· Increase your chances of showcasing your products or services to the decision makers of the most important companies in the industry.

· Expand your business opportunities and get a higher return on investment.

Use this platform to help you generate business appointments that will help you meet your business goals this year.

Important data for you to consider



Health Professionals
3,000+ face-to-face and 3,000+ online


Makes the final decision or influences purchase


Supporting organizations




Years of experience
being a reference in the health sector in Mexico and Latin America


Event organizer
Informa Markets

Results: Profile Assistant 2019

Main Activity of the Company

Title in the company

Size of the company

Decision-making level

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